Multi-Stage Pull Bar, IMCA

Multi-Stage Pull Bar, IMCA


Multi-stage pull bar, with bushing stack recommended for IMCA tire and motor combination.


    Dirt Stars Multi-Stage Pull Bar is engineered to outperform all others on the market, hands down.


    The pull bar utilizes a techology which greatly increases the life of the elastomer bushings while giving the benefit of true, multi-stage, progressive spring profiles.


    The unit is designed to entirely eliminate shaft flex and inherent binding most other pull bars neglect to address, yielding continuous progressive spring profiles with zero binding.


    The steel housing and caps make for a bullet proof construction that will not fail, and is completely IMCA compliant.


    The location of the break side bushing is such that breaking forces do not unload the acceleration side of bushing stack.


    The side mounted travel indicator allows for accurate travel measurements, combine that with the dyno sheet provided with every pull bar and you have a powerful tool for measuring how much traction the car is putting to the ground.


Color: Black

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